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Monetize Magnet Forex Affiliate Program

Monetize Magnet Forex Affiliate Program

Forex Affiliate Network and CPA Program & Broker Affiliate Network

Nowadays, the forex trading market is showing extensive growth in popularity as it helps private and institutional traders bring in thousands of dollars of income. Because of this increasing hype surrounding forex trading, brokerage companies are coming up with a new business model. It involves building their client base with the help of affiliate programs.

So, let’s discuss Forex affiliate programs, how you can become a Forex affiliate, and how the process works. The article will also discuss some of the benefits of joining a Forex CPA affiliate program to help you decide whether you should join one.

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What is Forex Affiliation?

The global currency market has gained extensive popularity, so it’s become a suitable promotional product for partners, as well as a way to make money. In the forex market, successful brokerage companies set up trading affiliate programs as a marketing strategy. After all, the success of a brokerage depends on how well they promote the service and convert new users.

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Forex affiliation with a broker affiliate network is a type of third-party marketing in which one trader, who is usually seen as an expert in the field, recommends someone to sign up with a certain brokerage. They can obtain referrals through a number of methods, such as full-scale website marketing, banner advertisements, and direct referrals. Usually, the influencers get compensated for making a referral.

What is a Forex Affiliate Program?

When a forex brokerage wants to market its service to new users through people with an online following, it sets up a forex affiliate program. With this program, you simply register for the service and choose your preferred account. Once you’ve used the service, you can sign up for an affiliate program. Then, you’ll get a personal referral link that you can give to followers, encouraging them to sign up for the broker with the provided link.

Once you get a link and other promotional materials to display on your blog, website, or social media account, you simply decide where to share it. When your followers click on the link, you’ll be paid a commission. Depending on what type of affiliate forex program you join, you earn a commission for attracting a new client, for the number of transactions a user makes, or for a percentage of their earnings.

What CPA Forex Means

When a brokerage has a Forex CPA affiliate program, it means that they use the CPA model for their marketing strategy. The CPA model stands for Cost Per Action, so as the affiliate, you’ll be paid a fee each time a lead takes a certain action. This is different from the CPL mode, which stands for Cost Per Lead and means that you only get compensated for each new lead you provide to the company.

With a Forex CPA affiliate program, you have the opportunity to continue making money from the leads you generate. Nevertheless, it still depends on the Forex broker affiliate programs you sign up with since they dictate what specific actions will earn you a commission.

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Process of Becoming a Forex Affiliate

When you become a broker affiliate or join a broker affiliate network like Monetize Magnet as a marketer, it requires you to add banners and links to your website or within your social media posts. Once you publish a blog post, video, or social media post with the desired banner or link, the audience will see it and click on it if they’re interested.

But first, you need to be a trader on the forex trading platform as well so that your views of the service are seen as legitimate. You’ll need to register with the broker or with the network, choose an offer that meets your needs, and then you’ll get promotional materials.

Other than that, you don’t have to do much because the best forex affiliate programs will provide you with all the branding and promotional materials required. This includes site banners, buttons, and even social media headers. Once you receive these things, you just have to decide where you’ll post them.

You can choose to write a blog-style review, make a video about them, or a social media post. After your audience clicks on the link, the broker or broker affiliate network will take care of the rest.

How You Get Paid as an Affiliate

The whole point of providing you with a referral link is that it allows you to keep track of where a new user comes from. So, whenever someone who reads your blog or watches your videos clicks on the link, the broker will know where they came from. After they make an account and make a deposit, you’ll get a commission.

Benefits of Joining Forex Affiliate Programs

If you consider yourself an influencer in the world of forex trading, then it’s most likely that your audience sees you as a go-to person when they need guidance or advice. In this case, joining the highest paying forex affiliate program can come with plenty of benefits. Let’s look at some of them:

You Can Earn Additional Earnings

When you’re already an established personality in the world of forex, then it’s quite likely that you’re already making money through a monetized blog, social media, and more. In this situation, becoming a forex affiliate provides you with the opportunity to make some additional money on the side.

That’s because affiliate marketing isn’t something you need to do on a regular basis. Instead, you simply paste the link on your blog or social media account and use your partnership with the broker as a source of passive income.

Access Marketing Tools

As an affiliate with Monetize Market broker affiliate network, you’re required to market brokers or a landing pages and this gives you access to extensive support. You’ll get an entire system of different advertising and marketing tools that are designed to increase conversion rates and traffic on your website.

These tools are usually paid, but when you’re an affiliate, you have the chance to access them for free and see how well your campaigns are performing. That’s because being able to track your performance is a great way to see where any modifications are needed.

You Get Personalized Support

In addition to different marketing tools, you’ll also get support from marketing experts and professionals. Usually, brokers who have these affiliate programs and networks also, provide their affiliates with consistent support in case you run into problems while trying to launch a campaign on a particular platform. These experts know marketing strategies inside-out, so they can tell you how to best attract new leads with your content.

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Earn Through Your Passion

If you’re a professional forex trader who enjoys exploring the market and informing your followers about different trends, forex affiliate marketing is for you. It doesn’t require you to go out of your way and do something different. Instead, you’re making money from becoming a well-renowned personality in the world of forex trading.

What is a Forex Affiliate Marketing Network?

Now that you know what a forex affiliate program is, it begs the question, ‘how do you access the best forex affiliate programs?’ After all, you can’t sign up with all forex trading affiliate programs you come across – you need to pick them wisely. But since there are so many brokers out there, it can be difficult to know which of them offers the top forex affiliate programs that are worth it. That’s where forex affiliate networks come in!

These are networks where affiliates can sign up based on their niche. So, if you’re a forex trading influencer and affiliate, one of the available networks is Monetize Magnet. When you sign up with an affiliate network, it takes away all the hassle of finding the top Forex affiliate programs.

Why You Should Join a Forex Affiliate Network

Now, you may be wondering why you should partner with a Forex affiliate network when you can simply sign up for an affiliate program yourself. Or a forex broker can simply reach out to you and ask you to become a part of their affiliate program. But it can actually help you in many ways.

You Get High Paying Forex CPA Deals

The best thing about joining a Forex affiliate network with high paying forex CPA deals is that you don’t need to spend days looking up different brokers to see the details of their affiliate programs. When you sign up with a network, they’re linked to all the best brokerages currently operating online. Reliable networks will screen and vet Forex affiliate programs so that affiliates can choose their preferred ones.

So, if you want a Forex affiliate CPA program, it allows you to perform a quick search and access the right options. At the click of a button, you’ll have access to information about high-paying forex CPA deals.

You’ll Get Access To Digital Marketing Tools

Now, you’re probably wondering if you’ll get any support by signing up with a Forex affiliate network. After all, you’re not linked to the brokerage directly. The answer is yes! In fact, networks are tightly knitted communities that are focused on connecting affiliates and companies to ensure that affiliates do their best.

Unlike the brokerage, which has multiple other things to manage, an affiliate network only has to look out for its affiliates and clients. So, they’ll give you quick support and access to the best digital marketing tools. With these tools, you’ll be able to perform market research, know about current trends surrounding forex trading, and keep track of your campaign performance.

You Get Reports On Your Performance

If you choose an effective Forex affiliate network like Monetize Magnet, they have a quick and effective reporting process that delivers extensive insights. With these reports, you’ll be able to keep a record of your affiliate journey. For instance, if you have any broken links in your content, you can replace them. And if your campaign for one brokerage is performing better than another, you can modify them.

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You Get Paid On Time

Ah, yes, getting paid. The whole point of becoming a Forex affiliate is that you get paid, right? But when you’re a solo affiliate up against an entire brokerage, you’ll need to go back and forth before you actually end up getting your money. While this doesn’t imply that forex affiliate programs are flawed in some way, it simply means that you’ll have a hard time keeping track of your payments.

But when you’re part of a forex affiliate network, you have a complete team on your side that makes sure to get the money from the brokerage. They’ll consistently communicate with the company to make sure they release your payment and that they pay the right amount.

They do this by keeping a record of how many leads you convert, as well as other factors. Consequently, they’ll be able to present your demands in a more assertive way, allowing you to get paid on time.

All Sources of Traffic Are Supported

When brokerages start their own Forex affiliate programs, they may have certain requirements as to what kind of influencer or content they’re willing to support. Some may prefer traffic on video-style content, while others may require a blog. Sorting through these prerequisites can be difficult, and it’s possible that you end up signing up for an affiliate program you’re not eligible for.

On the other hand, being a part of a Forex affiliate network means that all types of traffic are supported. Whether you have a website, social media presence, or a blog, all of this traffic is worthwhile when you’re part of a network. As a result, you have the opportunity to monetize all aspects of your online presence.

For instance, you won’t just get promotional materials for your website, but your videos and other content as well – allowing you to target the audience from different places.

How Much Can You Earn?

You can earn up to $700 CPA depending on the country of origin of the lead which brought a conversion. For the full list of countries and payouts keep reading:

Country / CPA Payout

For Tier 1 Countries:

CPA Payout is between $600 to $700 for tier 1 countries!

For Tier 2 Countries:

CPA Payout is between $350 to $400 for tier 2 countries!

For Tier 3 Countries:

CPA Payout is between $250 to $300 for tier 3 countries!


All in all, forex broker affiliate programs offer a fantastic opportunity for experienced forex traders to profit from their online presence. If you have a larger following, you can monetize it by being a part of a forex affiliate network, which connects you with the top programs, so you don’t have to do any research on your own.

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